2015::Vorspiel::NOT_ATOLL#series::WORKSHOP#1::CAPTURE YOUR MUSCLES / Performances&Talks

17 / 18.01.2015

In this workshop, held by artist Pedro Lopes we question “how do we feel when controlled by machines”?

It reverses the traditional concept of humans on top of machines, it makes us loose control, feel captured.

For such, we will learn how to build simple electrical muscle stimulation units using open source electronics (arduino) and connect them to our ideas: performances, musical expression, interactive devices, or to support a pure living machine. Your choice.

// Workshop schedule

Sat 17

[11am – 7pm] building hardware and developing ideas

Sun 18

[11am – 5pm] developing performances

[8pm] public performances at liebig12 (optional)


// What you should bring

– bring what you want to interface-to/control your body, such as: android devices, midi keyboards, laptops (the latter is required for programming the arduino).

– no prior knowledge of soldering is required, neither programming experience.

// Further details on final presentations / performances

The workshop provides a spacetime for interested participants to present their “electrically controlled muscle”-pieces to an audience, in the last day, at Liebig12 from 8pm.

The projects has been presented in many forms, such as a talk or a performance piece,  framed with a work-in-progress situation. Free Style.