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01.2019 > Ongoing

Marianne Tuckman & Marcelo Schmittner, artists and curators in residency at Liebig12, will start presenting their program during Vorspiel Festival promoted by Transmediale and CTM Festival in Berlin.

Their first performance “The First to Blink” will open the Vorspiel Festival on the 18.01.2019 at ACUD MACHT NEU.

Oops!404 a performative exhibition project (including a call for works and collaborations with other artists) will happen at Liebig12 starting on the 22.01.2019

For their Residency a call for proposals has been published as follow:

*Shout out*

The Liebig2019 Team is looking for works and projects for this years program. We are putting together a mixed plate of sweet and sour performances, concerts, installations, workshops and more that chime with our priorities. Please get in contact with us if you have work that:

responds to NOW (this is 2019)


Tells stories

Is well researched and prepared

We are open to different formats and look forward to your suggestions.

We will also be running a series of events on the following themes/ provocations Do you have any proposals or would you like to get involved?

1st: Information overload

2nd: Experimental Sound

3rd: Transform the space and use it as the context to tell the story

4th: Piss Take (making fun of yourself/ your mum/ our circumstances/ the powers that be/ the Ordnungsamt and anything, really)

5th: Fuck the Fuckerz (solidarity & fundraising events for political causes, please see the link for our details of our 1st event in this series )

We aim to create relationships with artists and their work that develop over the year. We’re into more than one night stands 😉

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send proposals to

About us

Marianne Tuckman and Marcelo Schmittner: Curators & Artists in residency

Darta Tremaine: Curator and producer

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