Residency::KATA ADAMEK

15.02 / 21.03.2015


Artist in Residency /  in Progress “Forest shack. Berlin”

a sustainable art project / an exchange between Berlin & the Carpathian Mountains

“The idea has emerged during my current stay in Berlin.
The project is developing free and meaningful confronting with the artistic tension between my quiet home in the forest of Carpathian Mountains and the urban city life in Berlin. My first intervention will be planting plants (taking in account soil type, topography, climate and human disturbance) in Berlin Friedrichshain (tba), as an attempt of connecting the 2 Ecosystems, interacting with the local neighborhoods The project will develop further a Lab/Platform that will allow this exchange.”

Talks / Public Interventions:

Open Studio day :  Friday 20. March from 7pm  //   Forest shack. Berlin in Progress 

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