10.02.18::Liebig12 @ Radio Geyger


10pm @Geyger Art _rosenthaler strasse 39_ 10178 Berlin, Germany_

Liebig12 & Radio Geyger present a video/audio recording session of 4 special performative acts from exotic IT//USA//DK.

Hardcore e_Guitarrist /solo set_no effects_pure virtuoso Abrupten Rhythmus_schnellen Rollenwechsel_ Improvisationspassagen_ fragmentierte Motive_Rubato_Tempi.
His solo project “Manual for errors panic solo” celebrates mistakes & includes the use of electronincs (intentionally, not tonight!) …Hard to select the right link to present his work, to his numerous collaborations, but this one…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0wMRaBPRhk 
New collaboration between Chris Shields (Marcel du Swamp, Ro) and Alexander Holm (Ritual Tricks) based in Copenhagen. Musique Concrete for the 2020s – a back-and-forth manipulation of voice, synthesis and tape music – for fans of staring upwards.
The new 12″ record is available on Sensorisk Verden label.
Somewhat of a legend in dark corners and under floorboards across the United States, Gxnt Valentine comes to Europe for the first time presenting his signature blend of bleak emotional textures and out-of-body ambiance.
Abstract music only able to have been made by someone living alone and very, very far from a city. Label boss of media imprint Anathema Archive.”
::333 BOYZ (Berlin/LA)
::ON-AIR DISC JOCKEYS :: WILTED WOMAN _will spin some great records throughout the night.