Call for projects *Shout out* (this is 2019)

*Shout out*

The Liebig2019 Team is looking for works and projects for this years program. We are putting together a mixed plate of sweet and sour performances, concerts, installations, workshops and more that chime with our priorities. Please get in contact with us if you have work that:

responds to NOW (this is 2019)


Tells stories

Is well researched and prepared

We are open to different formats and look forward to your suggestions.

We will also be running a series of events on the following themes/ provocations Do you have any proposals or would you like to get involved?

1st: Information overload

2nd: Experimental Sound

3rd: Transform the space and use it as the context to tell the story

4th: Piss Take (making fun of yourself/ your mum/ our circumstances/ the powers that be/ the Ordnungsamt and anything, really)

5th: Fuck the Fuckerz (solidarity & fundraising events for political causes, please see the link for our details of our 1st event in this series )

We aim to create relationships with artists and their work that develop over the year. We’re into more than one night stands 😉

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send proposals to

About us

Marianne Tuckman and Marcelo Schmittner: Curators & Artists in residency

Darta Tremaine: Curator and producer