For the month of August & September 2014 as artists/curators in residence at Liebig12 , Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski who are running the Icelandic-based independent artist-run organization Skálar – Sound Art and Experimental Music, will each be developing a new sound-based installation and curate a series of happening. The series will extend until end of September 2014, and feature other artists working in established duos or experimenting with new collaborations for several evenings of performance and process.

more under: liebig12.net/konrad-korabiewski-artist-curator-in-residency


Skálar – Sound Art and Experimental Music, acts as both an artist collective and a mobile curatorial platform, produces a nomadic festival, international exchanges, and limited edition releases of audio and audio-visual works.


Somewhere in the core of Berlin Friedrichshain, Liebig12 is Allegra Solitude´s atelier.

Inspired by chemist Justus von Liebig´s empirical approach, the space transform into a performative, cross disciplinary laboratory hosting artists and researchers exercising a non-profit attitude.

A work in progress Wunderkammer within a private & public identity, individual & collective, relating to its surrounding social-urban context. The program is organized and scheduled within irregular intervals and to welcome ideas and proposals.